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Strasbourg/Kehl, 17.07.2017

Tramline D has been in operation since the end of April. ©OBERMEYER
The stop "Bahnhof Kehl". ©OBERMEYER
Inauguration of 1st construction stage for Tramline D Strasbourg–Kehl

Around 110,000 visitors celebrated the commissioning of the new Tramline D from Strasbourg to Kehl, at the end of April, after a total construction period of about three years. OBERMEYER has carried out the planning of the traffic infrastructure and engineering structures as well as the site management and the site supervision as a subcontractor of the French planning office Serue Ingénierie (GETAS) for the first section of the Rheinbrücke to Kehl railway station.

In a second building section, Tramline D on the Kehler side is extended to the "Kehl Rathaus" stop. On behalf of the City of Kehl, OBERMEYER, in cooperation with Brenner Bernard, will carry out the surveying, the planning of the traffic infrastructure and engineering structures, the specialist planning of the technical equipment as well as the planning of the construction phases and traffic routing. OBERMEYER is also entrusted with the local construction supervision and health and safety coordination. By December 2018, the second stage of construction is set to go into operation.