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Berlin, 02.03.2017

The Zeiss Großplanetarium from the outside. ©Frank-Michael Arndt
The planetarium hall with the star projector "Universarium IX". ©Frank-Michael Arndt
The dome of the planetarium hall during construction (after assembly of acoustic panels). ©Frank-Michael Arndt
Reopening of Zeiss Großplanetarium in Berlin

In the 1990s the planetarium had undergone gradual modernisation. On account of increasing maintenance problems it was decided to renew the media technology and the projection dome from 2012. In addition the fire protection was upgraded and a full-area fire alarm unit installed. The roof also had to be rehabilitated.

The 5-storey building complex with the distinctive silver hemisphere embraces a gross floor area of approx. 7 600 m² with exhibition spaces, a cinema theatre with seating for approx. 160 visitors and the planetarium hall. Following refurbishment the latter now offers 307 seats as well as four wheelchair spaces. The new star projector "Universarium IX" in the planetarium hall is the first projector with LED technology from Zeiss which can, as a special feature of both this planetarium and its predecessor, be retracted in the floor.

OBERMEYER was commissioned with the building project planning, the media and electrical engineering design, the structural engineering as well as the health and safety coordination. Moreover the in-house engineers from the specialist section for building and room acoustics ensured that, besides the optics, the acoustics also make a visit to the planetarium a pleasure for (almost) all the senses.

The Zeiss Großplanetarium was reopened at the end of 2016, since when it has been attracting a large number of visitors.